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Does your husband have a mistress

Have you ever wondered if your man is having an affair? Short of actually confronting him about it, there are a number of signs to watch out for. Although the following does not guarantee that he is, in fact, cheating, it does provide some clues. Has your man ever made up an outrageous story about where he was or what he was doing some night when he didn't come home? Does he unnecessarily explain in detail why he was late from work? Do his excuses just plain not make sense? This may be an indication that he is having an affair and trying to keep the truth from you. And although it's always nice to get gifts from your husband, if he's been buying you a lot of nice things lately and it seems out of character, watch out. He may be buying you all these things because he's guilty of sleeping around.

Sometimes, though, husbands might pick fights at the drop of a hat. The reasons for this are twofold: it may be a coping mechanism, a way of dealing with his guilt over cheating on you, but it also is a good excuse to storm out and rendezvous with his secret lover. Another one of the signs of infidelity is drastic changes in appearance. Is your man suddenly taking a renewed interest in his appearance? For example, is he ironing his shirts or wearing cologne, even though he normally doesn't? This could be another clue that he's seeing somebody on the side. Finally, has your level of intimacy decreased? Has the "spark" gone out of your relationship? Have you stopped spending quality time together? A lack of physical and/or emotional intimacy can be another clue that something just isn't right in your relationship. There are many other signs of infidelity in addition to these.

Most importantly, though, it is important to trust your instincts. What is your gut reaction? Ask yourself why you're suspicious in the first place - is it about his behavior or about your own insecurities? If it turns out that your husband does have a mistress, don't leave him immediately. Take some time to evaluate your relationship and all that you've invested in it. It is entirely possible for a couple to heal after an affair--it can even make your marriage stronger. But, in order to make sure your emotions don't resurface later, make sure that you address all your wounds and pain.

Otherwise, the emotions could reappear later and cause even bigger problems.

Infidelity creates a pain like no other. At the Affair Recovery Center we know from experience. We can help you cope with infidelity. Don't suffer another day. Start healing from infidelity right now.

Free Teen Chat

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